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Today we celebrate the joke of hating clocks and Pirate Clock's Birthday.
and while you're reading this...


Clockday Movie is Underway!

2007-08-02 17:13:49 by kirbykrew

Why hello, this is the 3rd week of my movie updates, which will no longer have anything to do with the title "Project Joro". Now that that's out of the Way, let's get to my progress, as well as stuff on my new Clockday Movie.

Kirby 32: 29%
Tidbit: The music that doesn't come from this game (Kirby 64) will come from Nightmare in Dreamland or the Sonic Advance Series.

The True Power of B: 10%
Summary: If you've seen how powerful B is in other Clock movies, you haven't Seen it's True Power.
Tidbit: Mr. Artist will be the main villain in this clockday film.

Like I've said before, I'll be in a collab or two, but info on that in the Clockday update.

Sorry, no Screenshot today, too busy on Clockday Movie.

Give me suggestions!

2007-07-25 17:39:09 by kirbykrew

Appearently, last update wasn't taken very well, and so I figured I'd make this one for you to tell me how to improve. I'll take anything, just don't state the obvois (Art) or stuff I cannot change (my username). Speaking of my username, this will hopefully be the last time I have to say KIRBYKREW IS NOT A SPIN-OFF GROUP, JUST A GROUP OF HEROES I WROTE BOOKS ON WHEN I WAS YOUNGER!. So suggest away.

Also, John and Joe's Shirt design will be changed, so you don't have to say that one.

Oh, and one more though: About Project Joro, I'm not sure what I should do with this. Should I ditch the idea, still do it, or do it and not show you guys (make it a Deviantart exsclusive), I mean after all, it;s for them, amirite?

So please Leave a Comment suggesting how I should improve.

Movie Progress-ness

2007-07-25 12:38:18 by kirbykrew

Hello there, Kirbykrew/Pin Clock again going to inform you on the progress of my upcoming movies.I've decided to use the smiley as a feature, to show how much I've done. the happier it is, the more progress I've made. Other emotes that aren't on the Happy-sad chain will represent other things, like The 'Taped Mouth' one will reveal important movie info, The 'Shades/Cool' one will represent a new movie on the list, and the 'Wink' one will represent a movie has been released to the Portal, Along with the 'shock' one representing something I did was blammed. Anyways, here's the Precents/Info.

Kirby 32: 29%
Tidbit: Most of the music in this movie comes from Kirby 64 itself.

Project Joro: 28%
Tidbit: Most people's outfits have a meaning. Some only The people from my school will get, along with a few you will get as well.

Announcements: Starting August, I'm going to make my Quick Clockday movie as well as a collab part or two. More on that next week, as well as weekly screenshots which will start next week.

By For now,
Kirbykrew/Pin Clock

Hello everybody!

2007-07-17 21:26:03 by kirbykrew

This is Pin Clock/Kirbykrew here with some news of my upcoming movies (much more useful then checking my profile which I forget to update on a constant)and they're progress, and prehaps a tidbit of info about the movie. so here's the Scoop:

Kirby 32: 29%
Quick Summary:I'm only going to do this when a new movie shows on the list, a hint on what it is. This movie is precisly based on the Game "Kirby 64"
Tidbit: Tequila Clock is the Art manager of this movie, so it will Look good for sure! :D

Project Joro: 20%
Quick Summary: This movie is a tribute to those whom I've went to School with.It is a music video of the song "Goodbye" by SR71.
Tidbit: Although this movie stars my real self, Pin Clock does appear.

I look forward to using this feature often to inform you people of my Upcoming movies! I can only front Page once a week, so it's weekly. C ya next week, or message me with questions.