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Year 3 Flash Projects

2008-04-03 18:03:41 by kirbykrew

Welcome to my 3rd year of working on Flash (It's been my third for a month, but Brawl's keeping me busy). As with each year, I now have a new profile image. Suprised I made it, huh? Anyways, here are some of the names up coming projects this year. (My flash years are March-March.)

Tom Fulp Destroys the Lazer
~Secret Clockday Movie~
John and Joe 4
Bit Clock's Revenge
How Bit Stole Halloween (Remake of Thebadshow's "How Bit Stoeld Halloween")
John and Joe 5
Swiper Snipes Back: Reloaded (Remake of Swiper Snipes Back)

Well, those are the garentees. Other possibilities are:
Kirby 32-Kinda in deep trouble without a Dedede voice
SECRET GAME-I get to it from time to time

Oh, and since there was yet another major Change, "Project Joro" will no longer appear on newgrounds, for the second time. It will be on my DA, so....yeah.

I hope you enjoy my upcoming Flash year, as I will!


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2008-04-03 18:12:35

good! you updated after 5 years. also i might tel, THAT WHERE IS MY SPOT?

where is it?

but really, where is it? you said we would have our own project. also i can help in voices

kirbykrew responds:

Just talk to me about it.


2008-04-03 19:33:37

It's not year 3. It's 2008.

Pathetic jokes aside, good luck on your future projects =)

kirbykrew responds:

Thanks alot, Bro. Pathetic Jokes aside, thanks.