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Plans for 09!

2008-12-23 21:55:29 by kirbykrew

Hey, I'm Pin and I'm Bored, so I'm doing this note Early.

Movies for '09

The Follwing is a list of PLANNED movies for 2009. This means that there of course will be suprises I haven't come up with yet. In Fact, last year I planned 6, while I wound up with at least 14! So Anyways, here's what I have

Kirby Krew Storybook Packet
The first one will be released after the 4th one comes out on my other sites.

John and Joe 6
This one will be kinda short. Also, it depends if Marie's voice Actress (Wolfwings on Newgrounds) decides to renew and work with me for '09. This would effect if there are more episodes as well. Expect this one in February.

Swiper Snipes Back: Reloaded
A remake of the original. In fact, the original is only part of what I have in store! Expect this one March 9th.

Kirby 32
This is diffrent from the canceled one (See "Mike C." in "Project Joro" for why it was canceled.) What will be in it is a surprise. Expect this one Sometime late Spring.

~Clockday Movie~
I'm working around with several ideas on this one, I cannot decide. I'd explain them, but I like keeping my Clockday flash a secret. Expect it August 15th.

The Adventure of Pirate Clock
The movie hinted at after the credits in "John and Joe 5". Expect it August 26th

I'm not really sure what I will do from there.

The Following I'm not sure about their release.

Gourmet Race Collection
This one is coming slowly, but is already at least 10% done. Check Out the demo in the gift packet.

Ness' Last Hope Sequel
SOME PEOPLE really want a sequel to this one. However, I'm still waiting to see if Nintendo will do anything about EarthBound on the virtual console.

Oh yeah, one more thing.
Looks like my pal Lucent slipped out a little surprise here ( wWSUU Start at 5:24). I will be making a new original flash called "Cool The Stickman" That will be released around New Year's. Lucent will be voicing Cool while I will be voicing other roles like his sidekick Coolpliss, as well as characters being voiced by "whoever else Pin invites along". It actually isn't a stick flash, and will contain a mixture of art stlyes from "Project Joro", the "John and Joe" series, and "Tom Fulp Saves the Day".

Stat Whoring: Yes, this is important too.
Over the years, these are my stats.

Total Submissions (To All sites): 57
Total Watchers/Subscribers: 20(DA) 15(NG) 31(YT) 9 (SA)
Average per Site: 18
Total Faves: 99(DA) 78 (NG) 7 (SA) 160 (YT)
Average per site: 87
Total Views: 5,299 (DA) 1215 (SA) 26954 (NG) 11665 (YT)
Average per site: 11238
Average per Submission (As in same one on all sites): 792
Total Comments: 180(DA) 263 (YT) 188 (NG) 99 (SA)
Average per site: 123
Most Popular Submission: Ness' Last Hope (Youtube Version)
Least Popular Submission: SBC's Loop (Sheezyart Version)

Have a great Holiday season!


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2008-12-23 22:50:59

More Duck.fla plz

kirbykrew responds:

More of the Duck may come sometime. I can never predict when I use Duck.fla!


2008-12-23 23:00:41

Dont forget to become a terrorist for 09 > ost/242881


2009-04-12 20:50:10

hey i came from photobucket (was finding some images and found you) and you look like a pretty good clock lol

well imma check ur flahses


and btw screw you =3


2009-04-12 20:53:46

sorry for the last part lol i felt like insulting someone and you were close


2009-04-26 06:03:00

Yes just watched like 10 of your vids duck is the best !!!


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