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2008-01-27 10:20:07 by kirbykrew

John and Joe 3, as well as E.B.N.N.3 are well underway and shall be released March 9 and 12 correspondingly. My Marie voice was found and acted, so the series just might be able to take off again. Wish me luck, and see you on March 9th. Here are precents and little tips about what'll happen

John and Joe 3: 54% Hmm....What else important comes out on March 9th? let me think....

E.B.N.N.3: 35% Tequila's Ideas made this much better

Project Joro: 28% NOTE: I am aware that I said this would never be mentioned again, but I have decided that I will edit the movie out for NG. Massivly, there will be tons of diffrences between the NG and DA versions.

Kirby 32: 29% I swear I'm going to work on this, it'll come out in 4 parts.

There you go, have a good day.


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2008-01-30 19:32:57

more clock flashes

kirbykrew responds:

E.B.N.N.3 Is part clock flash
I have a Movie planned for Clockday and Anti Clockday
My Halloween Movie is Clockbased

And I make them whenever something quickly comes up. I make lots of Clock Flashes K thx bai.