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RE: "The Bad"

2008-02-07 18:16:06 by kirbykrew

If you look in my profile, you will see two new submissions after "How Bit Stoled Halloween", which Thebadshow let me remake (Expect it Oct. 31). One of them is the Montage Collab, which I finally got credit for. The other one, however, is "The Bad", which I have never known had existed untill I looked in my profile. Also, in the movie's comments, he states "Kirbykrew has to remake this also". Well, this was never a part of the deal for the rights to "How Bit Stoled Halloween" remake, so this'll less then likely get a remake. In fact, I request that untill I decide to dosomething with this, I shall have no relationship (well, anything to do with, rather) with "The Bad". Thank you.

John and Joe 3: 60%: On March 9th, It'll be time to D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DEUL!
E.B.N.N.3: 40%: Wll, I have no Idea what to say, though a Cameo or two will be changed from the original.
Project Joro NG Version: 22% NO MOAR INSIDE JOEKS K HAPPEH?
Kirby 32: 28%: Busy as Fuck, but getting to it.

That's all for now, C ya next time!

PS: To those who I'm on your favorite Artist, do you get a message or something when I make a news post?

EDIT: NVM, They don't, but it still seems like a pretty fucking good Idea.


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2008-03-09 03:38:43

Kirby krew...

kirbykrew responds:

Newgrounds username when changing them became locked. Based upon a group of heroes I wrote books about when I was younger. No spin-off whatsoever.


2008-03-28 19:56:24


kirbykrew responds:

I did


2008-03-29 00:29:54

Screw you and you're fake Bowser Kingdom

kirbykrew responds:

screw you my good sir.